Job Seekers: Job Search using Workforce50 Tools provides a host of job search tools. This section will help the job seeker navigate through all of them and decide which ones to use.

Step 1: Browse Workforce50 Jobs - Our Exclusive Job Board Listings

The most recent addition to the website, Workforce50 Jobs is a full-service job board where employers advertise directly to our older and experienced audience of job seekers. Employers advertising here are reaching out and looking for older workers. Be advised this feature is new and will be growing in volume as we promote. So be sure to register for job alerts on the Workforce50 Jobs page to get notices of new exclusive job postings.

Employers Seeking Older Workers:

Employers post directly to the Workforce50 Jobs exclusive job board to reach our older and experienced audience. Today's listings include these opportunities.

jobs for older workers

Maintenance Mechanic I - Olympia, WA
Registered Nurse - San Martin, CA
Registered Nurse - Greeley, CO
Chief Executive Officer - San Francisco, CA

Step 2: Browse Jobs from ZipRecruiter - More Jobs from Our Job Partner

As a leading job aggregator and online recruitment platform for employers, ZipRecruiter provides a high volume of the most up-to-the-minute job openings across all industries and disciplines wherever you are located in the United States. This search tool provides many jobs but not necessarily all from proven age-friendly employers.

Quick Job Search by State:

search jobs by state

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Step 3: Sign Up for Job Alerts

The short form is located in the right sidebar and allows you to register as many individual job searches on ZipRecruiter as you would like. It is keyword driven and delivers the results to your email inbox. For the most effective searches, create a separate search for each job title or function that you are interested in.

Powered by ZipRecruiter

Step 4: Search Current Jobs with our Favorite Employers

One of the common complaints from older workers during a job search is that employers are looking for younger people and may not be age-friendly in their hiring practices or recruitment efforts. We have provided a section of the website that lists employers based on their reputation for being age-friendly in hiring. Browse the list of these employers and browse their current job listings.

Step 5: Search Current Jobs by Career

In the career section of the website, Workforce50 worked to identify a subset of careers that could be of interest for mid to late-career changers. These careers generally have limited specific educational requirements for workers looking for a change in direction but not a significant investment in more education at this stage in life. Further, the careers listed were identified as suitable for older workers. Relative compensation levels along with jobs data from the government (currently being updated) is displayed. On each individual career page, there is a link to its current job listings.

If you are considering a career change but don't know what to do, take a look at the real career stories for inspiration on how our contributors found their new occupations.

For those who are not looking for a new job or career, but may be considering a search, the resources in the Workforce50 Library can be of considerable assistance. Browse the list of experts and columns to read their insightful articles.