Write for Workforce50.com

The Publisher is currently looking for topical experts to write for Workforce50.com. The Publisher invites inquiries from writers who qualify according to the following standards.

Why write for Workforce50.com? 

1. Your articles will be published on a leading employment web site serving the over-50 community. We have been seen in BusinessWeek, MarketWatch, The Boston Globe, and CNN, to name a few.
2. Each article will include your by-line. While Workforce50.com would like to provide a brief professional biography and/or Web link for each writer, it is at the discretion of the Publisher on an article by article basis. Workforce50.com would like to publish articles written by knowledge experts and professionals working in the fields they are writing about.
3. Your articles will be indexed by leading search engines.
4. Your knowledge and expertise will be shared with those who are most interested.

The Workforce50 Audience

First, the target audience and general readership of Workforce50.com can be described as 1. Based in the United States, 2. Interested in job/career search and/or transition, and 3. Experienced and skilled in their jobs to place them in the mid to late career stages of their primary career. While the name suggests an age group of 50 and over, Workforce50.com is more interested in providing informative and appropriate content for a stage of career or life than an exact age.

General Classifications of Writers and Articles

Featured Writer/Featured Column

A featured column is very focused by topic as collaborated between the writer and the Publisher. All articles by the writer provide information specific to the column theme. The writer of a featured column will have a professional biography published on the main column page that includes a headshot photo, a link to the writer's professional website or blog, contact information if the writer so chooses to publish, and, if the writer is a published book author, a book image keeping in character with the website.

A featured writer must commit to writing a minimum number of articles on topic. This will be worked out in the planning phase between the writer and the Publisher and will be based on topical coverage. All articles must be original work by the writer and written for Workforce50.com. This does not mean that the nature of the article has never been written elsewhere but that the article, as a whole, is unique. Plagiarism is not acceptable.

A featured writer must have professional credentials based on education, research, degrees earned or work experience in order to publish on the topic. In short, a combination of his or her credentials would support the writer as being a well informed expert in the topic. The writer must provide a list of credentials in order to be considered for a featured column.

A featured writer must be willing to commit to building a column or professional presence on Workforce50.com.


A contributor column will follow very similar guidelines and requirements as the featured column. The qualifications required of a contributor are equally important. The distinguishing factor of being classified as a contributor versus a featured writer will likely be the relevance of topic statement to the website audience and the interests of the audience. The relevance of the topic to the audience will be based upon the judgment of the Publisher. The classification may also be effected by the number of articles that the writer commits to writing related to appropriate coverage of the topic and the dynamic nature of the topic.

Guest Writer/Single Article

Please note that Workforce50.com is not currently accepting single articles with the exception of submissions from highly-qualified and respected individuals from the industry.

Blog Posts on the Workforce50.com Publisher's Blog

Because of the high visibility and immediate and wide distribution of Blog posts, the Publisher of Workforce50.com will entertain only the highest of quality content and writing for the blog. The Publisher reserves the blog for writers with either industry or academic credentials regarding the topic.

Who should consider writing for Workforce50.com?

We are interested in sharing the perspectives of employers and recruiters, career coaches, resume writers, benefits designers and managers, compensation program designers and coordinators, employment law attorneys and experts, social workers and psychologists, generational researchers and employment generalists, to name a few. Our goal here at Workforce50.com is to build a topical library from the industry's knowledge base in order to assist older job seekers in finding meaningful employment and the employment decision-makers in choosing older candidates.

What topics are interesting to the Workforce50.com readership?

Suggested topics include: exploring career options, career continuation vs. career change, skills assessment, resolving past employment issues, the job search process, hot industries for older workers, the benefits of age and experience, resumes, age discrimination, effective networking, interviewing, government resources, professional and trade associations, continuing education, compensation and benefits for older workers, what some companies are doing to retain older workers, online resources, affinity groups, career coaching, professional resume preparation, search firms, contingency and retained search, temporary staffing agencies, countering potential age bias, how to deal with the "overqualified" issue, self employment, encore careers, volunteering, work from home opportunities, and protecting your privacy. And, of course, this is just a brief list of topics that would be of interest to our audience.

Terms and Agreement:

Prior to submitting your writing to Workforce50.com for consideration, please read the Terms and Agreement for Single or Occasional Submissions.

How to submit your article?

Please provide your article in a text or .pdf document and include your name and professional biography as you would like it to appear with your article. Email your article, or a proposal for an article, to publisher @ prancingdogpubs.com.

If you are interested in sharing your employment expertise on a more regular basis, please contact the Publisher to discuss other opportunities.


All guidelines will be adhered to at the discretion of the publisher.