Federal Job Search

The Federal application process and resume requirements can be challenging - but need not be. During the coming months, I hope to dispel the complexities of the Federal government résumés and application(s) procedures process. Once you understand the processes, write a Federal résumé, and post for jobs combined with a dose of perseverance, landing a Federal job can be an excellent place to start your encore career and second retirement check!

Federal Overview
Are you ready for your encore career? Are you entertaining the thought of Federal employment, but unsure of the application procedures and Federally formatted résumé? Well, you are not alone - applying for a Federal job can seem like an unending maze. Unfortunately many qualified Americans lose employment opportunities with the Federal government, because they shy away from creating a Federally formatted résumé.

Veterinarians and Curators in the Federal Government? Your Career Field Might Just be in the List. And tips for Applying to the Obama Administration.
Learn more about the jobs, agencies, and benefits of civil service jobs; an overview of Federal résumés and posting requirements; and tips for applying to the new Presidential administration (all with links to help you explore the Federal résumés and applications procedures process).

How to Read a Federal Job Announcement
With an overview of an announcement, some tips for quickly assessing qualification factors and job duties, you will soon be on your way to analyzing announcements and writing federally formatted résumés that meet the qualifying criteria posted on vacancy announcements.

Drafting a Federal Résumé
The Federally formatted résumé is several pages in length, placed as a text file into an online résumé builder (for most agencies), and is highly targeted to the job for which you are applying. Read on to learn how to analyze a job announcement for keywords, competencies, and Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs), and compose a résumé that meets the qualifying requirements.

Top 5 Tips for Streamlining the Federal Résumé Process
Take the stress away from writing federal résumé and submitting federal résumé packages. Follow Diane's Top Five Tips for streamlining the federal résumé writing process. Read more...

Are You Qualified?
If you read a federal vacancy announcement - and focus on "must have 52 weeks time in grade at the next lower level" to qualify for a federal job - read again - do not be deterred. A federal vacancy announcements needs to be analyzed and translated to determine qualifications and application submission requirements. Read more...

Senior Executive Service Overview
The Senior Executive Service of the Federal government provides vision, and mission-accomplishment across Agencies. The application requirements are stringent and include meeting five specific Executive Core Qualifications. Read more...

Federal Employment Online Resources and Websites
Comprehensive listing of Federal employment resources found online.

CPOL (Civilian Personnel On-line) - US Army Employment Website
The Civilian Personnel On-line / Army information and employment portal allows job seekers to learn about Appropriated Funds (AF) jobs and Non-Appropriated funds (FAF) jobs working for the Department of the Army.

Navigating USAJOBS
USAJOBS is the official job site of the US Federal Government and the one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information. A thorough review of the site will reveal many tools for effective federal job search.

Learn How to Pre-Qualify Yourself for a Federal Position
The United States Office of Personnel Management recruits, hires, and sets benefits policies for 1.9 million Federal civilian employees.

Federal Hiring Reform
A Presidential Memorandum to improve the federal recruitment and hiring process was issued on May 11, 2010. Learn more about the objectives and the implications.

Senior Executive Service
The SES is a "senior service" with more than 50% of its pool ready for retirement in the next five years. This is one pool that employs the '50 something's'.