Strategies to Build Self Confidence

Do you ever ask yourself these types of questions? Something has happened to me; where did my confidence go? When again will I feel that old spark of power and confidence? Maybe I never really had confidence; but how can I get some now?

If these fears and feelings match your middle of the night, and perhaps middle of the day dreads, then I know you'll find these articles on confidence building helpful to you. We'll be looking at the myriad ways you can uncover your confidence-step by step, one day at a time, or in giant leaps of faith. So, come along for the ride and pick tools and strategies for being your best self. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Change Your Perspective: Building Self-Confidence Every Day
We have over 70,000 thoughts a day. If we don't manage them, they will run wild. In addition, research has shown that we focus on what we look for so it is important for our self-confidence to focus on positive images.

Rethinking Resolutions: Welcome New Year
Every New Year's Eve I take my favorite pen and some delicious thick writing paper, settle down in my quiet office and think about the past year and then set my compass for the future. Use a structured approach to your values to refocus your energies.

Do you have the Confidence and Knowledge to use Networking to Help you?
Effective networking is essential to achieving career goals these days. There are behaviors relating to networking that can either hinder your success or further your ability to win in work and business. Do you recognize any in yourself?

Building Your Confidence with Networking
Confidence building is as much about action as it is about keeping yourself calm and reassured. This article offers tips that will put you into action and thus keep you calm and reassured.

Feeling Stuck, Afraid, Confused? Try this Six-Step Path to Build Your Confidence
Has something happened in your life to shake your confidence? Has something been said to allow doubt into your life? Learn about restoring confidence with this six-step path.

When You're Doing Too Much! 9 Steps for Taking Control
Are you exhausted with too much going on in your life? Are you feeling disconnected from your self confidence? Then get back to basics with these 9 steps for taking control.