The Essentials of Medicare

Whether you are approaching age 65 and eligibility for Medicare or you are suddenly faced with assisting an aging parent or relative with healthcare decisions, the articles here in the Essentials of Medicare will help you to understand the issues. Danielle begins with an overview of Medicare and recent changes and, with each article, dives into each topic with more detail.

A Guide to Medicare in 2019
In America, you become eligible for Medicare at age 65 even if you are still working. This can create some complicated choices and many boomers who are still working are often unsure of what they should sign up for and what they should postpone. We’ll go over the basics of Medicare and how Medicare coordinates with employer coverage.

The Benefits of a Part D Drug Plan
Part D coverage is voluntary because some people may have other drug coverage through the Veteran’s Administration, or they may have Indian Tribal benefits that provide medications. Other people who take little to no medications simply may not want to enroll. These people do so at their own risk because there are penalties to enroll late.