Think Like an Employer

The most effective strategy that you can adopt in your job search is to not think like a job seeker, but think like an employer. You can apply this “employer-focused” mindset to nearly every aspect of your search from writing your résumé to networking and interviewing. By taking the time to understand the employer side of the hiring process, you will have an edge over your job search competition.

Résumés: It's Not About You, It's About Your Next Employer
Everyone who has ever searched for a job has likely put together a résumé. The key is to make that résumé speak to the recruiter. Perspective is crucial.

Three Strategies To Get Your Résumé In Front Of The Hiring Manager
Getting your résumé in the hands of the hiring manager is going to require a comprehensive strategy. It's important to be proactive.

LinkedIn: The Employer’s Perspective
There are important differences between a résumé and a LinkedIn profile. And there are four key things that prospective employers look at in a LinkedIn profile.

Cover Letters: How To Get Yours Read
Read tips on how to change the focus of your cover letter to grab an employer's interest.

Interviews: The Top Six Skills Employers Are Looking For
Learn what skills employers want and how to communicate that you have them.