About Workforce50.com

As Bob Dylan wrote in the early 60s, "the times they are a-changin’". The workforce is aging. Many of the 78.3 million baby boomers will choose not to retire as previous generations have done. They want or need to stay engaged, some pushing forward and some scaling back, and some seeking more meaningful career paths. Workforce50.com arms the older workforce with job and career information to help them to reach their goals.

Workforce50.com originally debuted at AARP’s Life@50+ Conference & Exposition at the Boston Convention Center in 2007. There was no more appropriate event at which to share the enthusiasm for a new service dedicated to the mature job seeker.

Much has changed since the introduction of Workforce50.com. The overall economy has strengthened resulting in a more robust job market and technology continues to evolve bringing new methods to the way we live our lives.

But the trends originating in the late 1980s indicate that the older cohorts – baby boomers and even traditionalists -- will indeed continue to participate in the workforce at a much higher rate than previously thought. People will continue to work longer with no evidence that this is a cyclical or short-term economic occurrence.

Recruiting and retention initiatives, however, have yet to keep pace with the aging of the workforce. Companies still cling to the notion that workers over the age of 50 are approaching retirement. This outdated view of the workforce must evolve to include the energetic, talented crop of over-50s who want and need employment.

Workforce50.com is working to keep pace with change too. Under the direction of the website’s original designer and now publisher, Nancy Peterson, the site has a fresh look that is compatible with any device so our readers can reach us from anywhere. We continue to publish new knowledge experts and bring new features, like our YouTube channel, to our readers. Best of all, we have aggressive new projects underway to deliver the services of the future while staying true to the mission.

The Workforce50.com mission-- to find and promote quality employment opportunities for America’s older workers-- remains the same but is even more compelling today than at the launch.

Press Releases

January 14, 2013 - Workforce50.com Acquired by One of Founders, Set for a New Direction