Leveraging Your Military Background to Build Your Civilian Career

How easy it is to mistake the high regard the American public has for veterans with how easy is might be for veterans to transition into their new, civilian careers.

Differences occur on both sides. The civilian culture often has incorrect stereotypes about who veterans are, how they work, and what they can do. Simultaneously, the military culture doesn't always prepare veterans to transition into the civilian world well.

In this column, you'll learn how to manage powerful cultural differences to beat your job seeking competition.

Overcoming Stereotypes Hiring Officials Associate with the Military
In this article, I'll describe several common assumptions that you may encounter during job search and suggest tactics you can use to win the second civilian career you deserve.

Translating Your Military Success into a Second Career
In my previous article, I suggested how you might deal with the stereotypes hiring officials have about the military. In this article, I'll move to the next step: helping employers understand how transferable your record is to their needs.

Leverage Your Military Experience in Your LinkedIn Profile
When you were on active duty, you knew all about networking. Yet, now, you may feel a total loss when it comes to social networking in the civilian world, specifically how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

Getting Off on the Right Foot and Planning for Your First Raise
You will have worked hard to get your first job. Naturally, you now want to buckle down to the mission and stay in your new position as long as it works for you. I've written this article to maximize your chances of reaching those goals.

Which is the Right Career Field for You-as You Define "Right?"
If you could find honest-broker answers to three critical questions, not only would you have found the field that's right for you-as you define right, but you'll know exactly why it appeals to you.