Employers and Recruiters: How to use Workforce50.com

Jobs for Seniors and Boomers Announcing Workforce50 Jobs!

Browse the new job page where employers can advertise on Workforce50.com.

Post jobs for older workers. Pricing starts at $49 per 30 days. Options include single postings, urgent listings and packages. Start here.

Features include urgent job flags, rotating employer logos, employer profiles to engage job seekers, choices for job seeker applications and inclusion in job alerts. The posting application is simple and quick!

Need something specific? Please contact Workforce50 Jobs at info@workforce50.com.

Interested in recruiting older, more experienced workers for your organization?

Workforce50.com has been serving the older workforce ~ baby boomers and post-war traditionalists ~ since 2007. The audience can best be defined as older -- 40 or 50 or 60 plus -- or in terms of career stage -- mid to late career. Job changers follow us as well.

Most visitors are boomers. It often takes a boomer much longer to find a new job these days, despite a typically shorter employment integration process. Why? Boomers bring years of experience to the table. They bring loyalty and personal pride in a job well done, adaptability, problem solving skills and other valuable skills and talents accumulated over decades of work.

Does it make sense to reach out to them?

Absolutely! It can be said that recruiting and growing the right people for the right jobs is the ticket to achieving a competitive advantage in any industry. Well, many of these "right people" are baby boomers who are anxious for an opportunity to contribute to the success of an organization.

Why include job advertising on Workforce50.com in your recruitment plan?

There are two important reasons. Workforce50.com provides an effective way to reach this demographic group and advertising is simple and easy.

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