LinkedIn Optimization for Job Seekers and Solopreneurs

Get the most out of LinkedIn’s features whether you’re looking for a job or setting up your business.

Why LinkedIn Is Worth Your Time
The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the more your profile works for you. If your LinkedIn profile is a skeleton of content, you are missing an opportunity to forge connections with people who matter to your forward progress.

Four Key Decisions on Your LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn can be intimidating. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to establish a presence on LinkedIn, and once the basic framework is in place, small investments of time can dramatically strengthen your presence there.

The Biggest Mistake People Make on LinkedIn May Surprise You
LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing platform for the active or passive job seeker. But there are a few mistakes that users make that limit that power. One mistake, in particular, can really limit your appeal and visibility to employers.

Protect Your Privacy (and Your Connections’ Privacy) on LinkedIn
It's not unusual to be reluctant to enter the social media realm and there are many reasons for that reluctance. LinkedIn has fortunately addressed a number of those reasons with key features.

Three Tips to Slam Dunk Keyword Optimization on LinkedIn
Keyword optimization is an important factor in being found for the right things. Maggie shares important insights into the goals and process to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

If You're a Job Seeker, Don't Make These Common Mistakes on LinkedIn
Often LinkedIn is something we leave dormant until that time we need to do a job search. It can be effective but there are some traps to avoid. Learn how to avoid common mistakes.

What the Bleep is a Career Sabbatical?!
Many of us reach an age and point in our careers when we have been working for decades and dream of a break. Maggie puts structure around this dream. Could this be right for you?

A Comprehensive Guide to Building Your LinkedIn Profile
Use this comprehensive checklist to make sure your LinkedIn profile provides an effective social media presence for your employment search.

Four Introvert-Friendly Avenues to Engaging People You Want in Your Professional Network
Rather than "working the room", Maggie shows us how to find the information we need to connect with people directly and with that all-important personalized message.