Home-Based Business Toolkit

"Home-Based Business Toolkit" is an expert column that aims to help the 50+ generation launch and grow home-based businesses. You'll find ideas for home-based businesses, methods for picking the right one for you, ways to get inspired and stay motivated, and tips and techniques for starting and growing your business with no-cost and low-cost strategies that will leverage your time and talent and fit with this stage of life.

The 5 "Satisfaction Factors" of Self-Employment
Drawing from the fields of positive psychology, human potential, and entrepreneurship, five factors emerge that can increase your satisfaction in self-employment. Design your work with these factors in mind.

Is Your Business Card Working Hard For You?
Your business card is your ambassador when you are not there. It is what you leave behind after you make a connection with a prospective client or referral partner. Is your business card working hard enough for you?

Evaluating Your Business Idea
As the best ones -- business ideas -- rise to the top, it's important to retain objectivity. Avoid falling in love with an idea without testing it thoroughly.

How to Build Relationships Quickly without Leaving Home
Here are some ways to expand your contacts without putting on business attire, driving in traffic, paying for parking or enduring bad weather.