Real Career Stories - In Their Own Words is excited about this new column because it showcases real stories from our readers. Each story provides a glimpse into a very personal journey that can provide all of our readers with inspiration, new ideas and some inside information.

Confessions of a Consulting Criminologist
When folks hear that I'm a criminologist, the invariable response is, 'You're like the guys on CSI or one of the other TV shows!' My answer is always, 'No, I'm not that kind of criminologist'.

How I Transitioned out of Manufacturing
We who are over 50 must adapt to the new demands of the workforce and be able to demonstrate that to employers. I can explain how I found work outside of manufacturing, after 35 years in that industry, now that manufacturing has left this country.

From Corporate to Solo Videographer
I really love my job. I know, it sounds trite. But it's true! Why do I love my job? Because I get to help people create memories.

From Education Director to Certified Dog Trainer
Mary Kron, 52, has taken her love of drama straight to the dogs as she eagerly opens up her new dog training business, Drama Dog Training in Grand Rapids, MI.