Résumé Writing & Career Marketing

Many career professionals miss out on great employment opportunities, don't advance as quickly in their careers as they would like, or don't get paid the compensation they deserve, all because they have trouble differentiating themselves in their careers and promoting themselves effectively in the job market. Effective résumés and personal marketing campaigns dramatically reduce the time and money that professionals spend job seeking, rapidly advance their careers, boost their incomes, build greater professional recognition, and facilitate development of careers that are more professionally, financially, and personally rewarding. This column will focus on empowering job seekers with the tips, strategies, and tools they need to promote and market themselves effectively, telling their story in a way that is compelling and memorable so that doors swing open to achieve their highest career ambitions and goals.

Strategic Résumés Writing: Solutions For the Less-Than-Perfect Career History
Do you find yourself struggling to prepare your résumé...struggling because of some glitch or problem in your background that you don't know quite how to overcome in your résumé? Read about how to overcome problems in preparing your most effective résumé.

Avoiding Age Bias On Your Résumé: 7 Top Resume Writing Do's and Don'ts
Age discrimination can be a real issue encountered by older workers when seeking employment. You are concerned that your résumé is holding you back from getting that crucial interview. Here are some key tips to avoid age bias on your résumé.

Functional vs. Reverse-Chronological Résumé: Proven Strategies for Handling a Lengthy Work History
Is your résumé written in the functional format in an attempt to hide your age? Is it written in the reverse-chronological format that extends back to the very earliest jobs you held? If so, it may be time to take a fresh look and rewrite it.

Update Your Job Search Image With a Strong Online Presence
Taking the time to build your Internet identity and use technology to your advantage in your job search will serve as a direct counter to unfair stereotypes and will serve as solid proof that you are adaptable and embrace positive change and new technologies.

7 Common But Critical Résumé-Writing Mistakes
(and How-to Avoid Them)

If your résumé is generating disappointing results and your job search has stalled, you should check your résumé and revise it against these seven common errors.

Refresh Your Résumé & Revive Your Job Search
With a Personal Brand

If you are not familiar with the term, personal branding (the process of clarifying and communicating what makes you and your unique value proposition different and special) allows you to make a name for yourself.

What You MUST know About Résumé Formats
Before Beginning Your Internet Job Search

What are the differences between keyword, scannable, web, traditional, and text résumé? With a basic understanding of the various résumé formats, you can be well prepared to begin your search and comply with the requests you will receive for differing file types and formats.

How-to Create Digital Résumé for
Your Online Job Search

Read this article for some quick and easy tips for creating the most common "digital" formats that you'll be asked for -- Keyword Résumés and Text Résumés.