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When You're Doing Too Much! 9 Steps for Taking Control

By Kathleen Schulweis

The past three weeks have been flat out wild for me. Among holiday preparations, clients, and my writing, I have been working day and night, violating my own ‘laws of Be-ing and Do-ing’. My epiphany happened when I was about to spend Sunday afternoon developing yet another to-do list and yet was so exhausted I couldn’t pull myself up off the couch. My JOY quotient hit a low mark, I was feeling a disconnect from my self-confidence, and, knowing this life in the fast lane is a serious confidence killer, I decided to get back to basics.

What I know to be true is if we want to be productive and creative then we don’t need to DO we need to STOP DOING and take some time off.

So, I went to the movies & I felt like a new woman as soon as I made the decision to relax and take the evening off. When I returned to my office the next morning, I was refreshed and ready to conquer the to-do list.

So, if you’re overwhelmed by work, life, chores, or worries, try using the following ‘rules’ for taking a break and BE instead of adding more DO to your life. You’ll be glad you did.

Some research-based rules for Balancing Do-ing and Be-ing:

1. STOP: Finish reading this article and then plan to do something joyful.

2. FOCUS: Decide your core business model so you don’t spin your wheels and spend your time and money on things that won’t matter.

3. ACT with AWARENESS: Increase your productivity & creativity by resting your brain for 24 hours at least once per week.

4. PLAN: Work fills the time available so reduce your available time and increase your effectiveness.

5. STRATEGIZE: Think big picture by taking a 12-month perspective and planning your vacations and down time to help set goals and strategy.

6. GROW: Network to fill your business pipeline full.

7. EXERCISE: clear the mind and stay positive.

8. HYDRATE: Drink plenty of water to keep your body strong.

9. HELP YOURSELF: Let your family help you relax by planning activities with you. Leave your cell phone and computer in OFF mode. Don’t check your email for 24 hours. I promise it won’t kill you to stay off line but it might destroy you, if you don’t take a break.

I think you’ll reconnect to your self-confidence with a little down time just being yourself and taking in a movie.