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A Small Investment in your Resume could Pay Off

by Nancy J. Peterson

OK. So you've just started your job search and are struggling with your latest and greatest resume. That's not unusual. Most of us have difficulty chronicling the last two weeks, never mind the last 20 or 30 years of our work history. What did I do 10 years ago? What part of that job qualifies me for the job I want now?

Actually, you're ahead of the game if you're asking that last question. First, you know what you want. That's a big plus. Second, you are building a case for your prospective employer. These are essential steps in preparing a good resume. Unfortunately preparing that compelling resume is not always so easy. It seems obvious that the person best suited for preparing your resume is you. After all, you know your own history inside and out, you know the industry or the occupation (or you have thoroughly researched it for a career change) and you know where you want to go. So what's the problem?

The problem is this. Many of us are very proud of what we have done in the past and want to show that off to prospective employers. And many of us have difficulty in thinking strategically about our history. Think about it. You really want to describe your positions and accomplishments from the past 20 plus years. But is that history all relevant to what you want to do next? Should each chapter of your history get the same allotment on the page? It might be time to invest in some expert assistance.

Since the early 1990s professional resume writing has become more prevalent and popular. It used to be that you got friends, family, colleagues, alumni employment counselors and anyone else who would freely render an opinion on your resume. It was never uncommon for all those opinions to clash and actually cause more confusion. Now we can find individuals who are actually trained in resume writing and qualified to render an opinion on your all-important resume.

A professional resume writer will obtain your history and career goal and, using objectivity and strategic thinking, will construct a resume not just to showcase your experiences and skills but also to get that interview. You can expect to pay a professional fee for such a service but the result will likely yield dividends in the form of interviews. To find a professional resume writer, check the career resources in your area or consult the web site for the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches at Don't be afraid to check references and review samples of their work before hiring a resume writer.