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Diana's Experience - In Her Own Words

Taking Risks
In January I was selected by CBS News The Early Show to be one of four job seekers featured in a series focused on job hunting in our very troubled economy. Last week The Early Show told my story of the older worker along with that of the other three.

Over-55 Job Seeker Profiled on The Early Show

This week CBS is airing the week-long series, "Job Squad", devoted to obtaining employment during difficult times. On March 27th CBS News correspondent, Susan Koeppen, will present the final segment in the series which follows the transformation of our 55+ job seeker, Diana Schuman. The other three segments feature a high income individual still job hunting after one year, a new college grad just starting her job search and finally, a stay-at-home mom reentering the workforce after an eighteen year hiatus. Stay tuned this week!

It started with a call from Audrey Gruber who identified herself as a producer for CBS NEWS Early Show. That was on January 7, 2009. Audrey described the series she was producing and wanted to explore how could participate. She needed a group of over-55 job seekers from the Northeast willing to talk to the media and participate in the program. From these she would select a single candidate. She also needed a career coach and resume writer. For its participation would receive recognition on the Early Show. What a great opportunity to highlight issues encountered by older job seekers! kicked into action. First, find the candidate. Should be a straight-forward process. We have compiled over 1000 survey responses from employers and job seekers interested and willing to speak to the media about employment issues of the over-50 workforce. Thirty four anonymous profiles were provided to the producer. She selected 6 candidates. contacted the 6 and explained the situation prior to providing their contact information (we take the issue of privacy very seriously).

Now for the career coach. Kit Harrington-Hayes (, an expert columnist for was our first choice. When presented with the project Kit enthusiastically accepted both the coaching and resume review tasks. Kit, like many in her profession, is quite eager to assist and promote the case for a multi-generational workforce and specifically, employing over-50 workers.

Kit and Audrey collaborated and selected Diana for the Job Squad over-55 candidate.

Diana Schuman, an unemployed teacher living in Dover, NH, was selected. Diana eagerly accepted the challenge and assistance focusing her job search, and to participate in the Early Show Job Squad production.

Everything happened quickly. These producers live and work in a world of their own. Surely no grass grows under their feet. First, Audrey, with cameraman in tow, visited and taped Diana at her home in Dover. From there, they traveled to Kit's office in Arlington, MA to tape the first of eight 2-hour career coaching sessions which included resume restructuring. Diana was then flown to NY for a taping, interviewing, clothing makeover and a financial planning interview.

On Friday, March 27th, all Diana's job search assessment and transformation, taping, and production over the last 3 months will be condensed into a 4-5 minute segment on the CBS News Early Show.

Diana, with preparation from Kit and the services of the Early Show, is ready to go out and find her place in the workforce. For the over-50 population, it is another small step that will present the older workforce in a positive light and highlight's continuing commitment to making a difference on the employment landscape. We are committed to connecting employers with the most underutilized segment of our workforce. wishes Diana the very best in her job search.

Watch the Opening Segment of Job Squad Series aired March 23, 2009

Diana Schuman's Search for Employment