Part time, temporary jobs – U.S. Census

We have had a number of questions from our readers about temporary jobs with the U.S. Census Bureau.  The information you need is all on the government web site at

From the information provided, the hiring for these positions will be done between February and May 2009.  So, if you are interested in working in your own community on the U.S. Census, act soon.




  1. jk

    We took the Census test last Dec. & passed. After waiting patiently for 2 wks. after, we were informed that the hiring comes from the regional office. Fine. We contacted the regional office, only to be re-routed to the satellite office close to our location. A Rep. at this location indicated that as of now they are hiring only for the door-to-door Reps. Call back in a month. Follow up calls voiced that as of now, they will be hiring for administrative level employment. Here it is in March (rolling into April) and a most recent inquiry that was placed stated that they will be hiring again in the fall. The Census Bureau is providing misinformation.

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