Older Workers crave achievement too

I read a good number of the comments and inquiries that come into our customer service box from our older Job Seekers. There are definitely some themes and consistencies to what the over 50 job seekers are thinking about and dealing with.

This came in last week from a job seeker:

“I am frustrated that I cannot get a position that would capitalize on my marketing background,”… . “I am not doing what I am capable of doing and it is extremely fustrating.”

This is a very common frustration among older workers. Many have worked up through the ranks and their careers have either stalled or taken somewhat of a backward slide. They are capable of doing much more and they WANT to do much more. They WANT to work and work hard. There is no age limit on the desire to achieve.

My reaction is this. If you’re an employer, it would be silly not to recruit these experienced resources. Go forth and find an older overachiever! If you’re an older worker in a mid to upper level position, stay valuable, informed and up-to-date. Keep moving and let your commitment and achievements be known – constantly and subtly.



  1. Roy Joslin

    Many researchers continue to predict a coming shortage of talent and knowledge. Here is great article describing this trend (http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/corporate-america-faces-brain-drain/story.aspx?guid=%7BB531080D-7EA0-4A45-8415-5FC819C3E132%7D&dist=hppr) entitled “Corporate America faces a Brain Drain.” As more people become familiar with this evolving issue older, experienced professionals may begin to receive the serious consideration they deserve.

  2. Patricia Sacco

    I made an appointment for a Interview, I got there 15 mins earlier & was told by Receptionist that the Mgr. Bob who was going ti Interview me, left already. The Receptionist was doing what she was told, but asked me to fill out a Application, so I did. I was never called till that day.
    Disgusting People in charge.

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