Job Seekers, Get your Career Plan Moving Ahead!

After decades of pursuing one or more careers, it is entirely possible to lose touch with what you are good at and what you actually enjoy doing. Many of us choose a career path well before we are even eligible to vote. Life then happens and we move along year to year tolerating our employment paths and situations. Did you ever dream about enjoying or finding meaning in what you work at every day? Are you faced with career transition and want to get it right at this point in your life? Then I have an opportunity for you!

Dick Bolles, author of the hugely successful and long-time best seller “What Color is Your Parachute?”, is hosting a 5 day workshop in his home, just east of San Francisco, from Saturday, July 19th through Thursday, July 24th. It is limited to 15 participants so I would recommend contacting him for an application immediately. See

Dick’s workshops get rave reviews year after year because participants undergo very personal journeys and they get results. I first heard rave reviews about the July 2007 workshop from a colleague. Then I decided to experience it first hand and attended in April 2008.

My “class” included participants from all over the country (Colorado, California, Vermont, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas) as well as South Africa and Japan. It was a pretty even mix between male and female with most participants in their 40s and 50s. We had ministers, chemical engineers, real estate developers, attorneys, accountants, scientists, authors, social workers, CEOs, as well as people in business development, child development and career development. That’s a diverse group but we all came together with a common goal – to explore and learn about our selves.

The book is central to the workshop. But the workshop takes you far beyond what the book can do in a week’s time. Participants will get in touch with what’s important, skills, values, goals, and environment among other things. Dick gracefully opens the minds of his participants and challenges them to get to the core of themselves. Let me be clear. This workshop is exhausting but you will leave with a much deeper sense of who you are and where you want to go in this life. Best of all, you will leave with a plan, an abundance of hope, and a way to reach your goals.

One last word of advice. Make sure that your travel plans get you there on time and keep you there through the very end.



  1. Anonymous

    Workshops are well and good for people who can’ afford them but what about those who can’t.

    I have been to “workshops” that raised my morale and made me feel I could conquer the world and I used the information I got there and when I went job searching — I WAS STEAMROLLERED.

    There are some of us who just need a job. Period.

  2. Margaret

    How do you get back into the workforce after being away form it for 26 years? I have been a wife and mother for 26 years, Now I have to work to help with finances. Every application I look at ask for a work history over the last five years.

  3. John Thorr

    Thank you for the advice. About 7 months ago I was laid off from my job and I have been doing little bits of work here and there to get by, but I’m starting to get financially unstable and I need to do something to improve my situation fast. In my opinion, and based on feedback from recruiters, my resume needs to be written by a professional to really bring out my skills. So I’ve spent the past few weeks reading about resume services and trying to pick the best one. I’ve found a few resume service review sites, which are helpful, but most of them say the same thing and have similar prices and guarantees. Can anyone please recommend a resume writing service to me, or maybe somewhere I can search for jobs? Thanks in advance.

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