Collaborates with The Harvard Digital Lab for the Social Sciences (DLABSS)

I’m thrilled to announce that will be collaborating with The Harvard Digital Lab for the Social Sciences. As the publisher of, I already know the great value of our readership and visitor demographic, those folks generally in mid to late career or, roughly speaking, age 50 and up. But it’s great to know that, as a member of our demographic, our views and opinions are not only valued highly, but actually sought out. This is why I have decided to work with the researchers at DLABSS in order to enhance the visibility of this service to our readers. It’s a great opportunity for our baby boomer and up audience to provide input into issues that matter and make a difference to society. And it’s a great way to continue learning.

What is DLABSS?

DLABSS is a free service for Harvard University faculty and students interested in social science experiments. It is also free for anyone who has a valid email address and has 5 minutes to spare. Since its launch just over a year ago, DLABSS has hosted dozens of experiments on social, economic, psychological and political issues. DLABSS already has a participant pool of nearly 3,000 people that have participated in roughly 9,000 surveys!

What’s in it for you?

DLABSS can deepen your knowledge of important issues in society while also introducing you to and making you part of research projects led by Harvard faculty and students. Whether election voting, community life, perceptions of race, foreign policy, and police use of force, DLABSS probably has something you find interesting. Not to mention, DLABSS raffles off a monthly Amazon gift card of $50, and your chances of winning increases with each experiment you complete.

DLABSS keeps its website fresh with updates from experiment takers and researchers who share their experiences and findings with the DLABSS community. Currently DLABSS is expanding its participant pool and has plans to launch a brand new website by the end of 2015. DLABSS will constantly be adding new survey experiments to its website to keep content fresh and interesting for you.

What does your participation mean for DLABSS?

It enables a team of talented social scientists to explore important but understudied topics in society. For example, in a recent post one researcher is debunking the issue of gerrymandering in American politics using DLABSS data. Without your input, researchers lack an accurate sense of how people perceive and feel about salient issues that affect the lives of millions.

We live in a society where individuals are increasingly detached from civic life. DLABSS is one way to bridge the disconnect between public life and important social and political issues. You have important opinions on all kinds of phenomena in society, and DLABSS wants to hear your thoughts. would like to encourage its readers to participate and share their opinions and views. To access the full list of experiments, visit

Have fun!

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