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Ever wonder what it is about a job that you just don’t like? In my earlier jobs I was frequently discontented but unsure of the reasons. There were always so many variables to consider – my bosses, my peers and coworkers, the nature of the work, too much travel, the deadlines, the office, the commute, the predetermined programs and so on. Later I worked in a position that provided great levels of satisfaction, despite long hours and regardless of the salary and benefits, which were very good. It was not until a graduate class in Negotiating that I became aware of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI for short. 

When I first took the “personality test” and saw the results, it was like a shazam moment for me. Not only did I gasp at the uncanny accuracy of the type indicator, but I read the detailed commentary and began to reflect on my life. I began to gain some clarity into why I did or did not enjoy certain things or jobs or even people. For example, in audit work there is little room for creativity or innovation. And much time is spent reviewing and analyzing past performance. My natural tendencies are toward the future.

In my opinion, a lot can be gleaned from self examination during a time of career transition. Learn as much about yourself as possible and use that knowledge in making decisions about what is next in life.

There are a lot of resources on the web for personality testing but much of it is linked either to specific career practitioners or companies that want information from you. To go to the source of Myers-Briggs theory and find genuine, for-fee testing information, go to www.MyersBriggs.org. For another source that I’ve personally enjoyed and that is free and, from what I can see, pretty accurate, go to www.similarminds.com . This site, unlike many others out there, does not require name and contact information and does not have tons of advertising to wade through. Most of the tests are fun and useful.



  1. db

    The site listed above ( similarminds.com ) is not free – they charge for the report – which is not disclosed until at the end of the questions – they do require name and contact info also at the end of the questions. I just tried out that site from your link above – disappointing. You cannot get the results of the questions without paying $39.95 for it.

  2. Nancy J. Peterson (Post author)

    The list of tests on the page are indeed free. If you click on the banner at the top of the page, it does take you to a for-fee testing web site.

  3. Sarah

    Personality plays a big part in employment. I have applied to several jobs in the past where this PEO administered an assessment test that had questions about personality and skills. I wonder if the test is anything like the Myers Briggs or if it provided far less detailed results.

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