Healthy Finances – What Gives?

Am I not worthy of financial analysis after 60? I saw this on CNN Money and thought, what the heck, let’s give it a try and see what they say (income inserted for testing).

This is their response. Apparently I’m too old to matter.


Our life has no financial value? I don’t understand. Why do I constantly get calls and mail from financial companies telling me they can plan and manage my finances? Is this what we can expect from Time Warner and other large companies?

Please tell me that, while I’m over 60, my financial health is still important.



  1. Paul

    Obviously if you are over sixty you’ve fallen off of their radar. you’ve become a non person to them. Don’t be alarmed though, many middleaged people with tons of experience who have been made redundant in the current recession, are finding it hard to get back into the jobs market. They too are not considered worthy for the great globalized new world. Older mambers of the populatiuon should not take this lting down. They should join forces and fight back against this blatant discrimination.

  2. Janice

    The description of EOE Equal Opportunity Employer is the joke of the century. Employers would rather hire those persons that are not reliable, have no experience, too many home responsiblities and young enough to shun loyalty to a company while the older individual that is perfectly healthy, already retired, have their own health insurance, if needed, will work for you gratefully and dilligently. I believe even Jesus would be considered too old to get hired in these times. (I make no apologies for that reference)

  3. Mary K.

    I see the same jobs posted day after day, week after week, month after month. I am sure I qualify for 99% of those posted jobs that I apply for. One would think that someone would be qualified. I have been searching for a year now. Companies do discriminate because the Government lets them do it because they offer incentives. You know exactly what I am referring to at the bottom of most applications. I believe it is a big joke for companies playing their little game . Maybe it makes Florida “look good” with ALL the job openings Florida has to offer but in fact they don’t have all these jobs. WHAT is the REAL TRUTH?

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