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The Commonwealth of Virginia is in the southeast along the eastern seaboard. Encompassing a total area of 42,774.20 square miles, Virginia has more than 7.7 million residents.

Per 2005 data, women constituted 50.8% of the population, while 11.4% of the residents were over the age the 65. More than eighty one percent of the population above the age of 25 are high school graduates while 29.5% of them hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

The economy of Virginia is highly diversified. Historically, agriculture was the dominant sector. Even now, it continues to play an important role in the state ranking among the top ten in the nation regarding the variety of agricultural products. The primary crops include tobacco, corn, soybeans, grains, cotton, sweet potatoes, apples, and peanuts. The Valley of Virginia is also known for its production of cattle, poultry, and dairy goods. Oyster and crab fishing, as well as wine production, are also significant for the state’s economy.

Virginia is among the top coal producing states in the US. Stone, sand, cement, and gravel account for the other mineral resources of Virginia. The state also has important shipping, and rail transport equipment industries. The areas in and around the cities of Roanoke, Norfolk, and Hampton have shipyards, naval bases, and aeronautical centers. A large number of government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, United States Geological Survey, and National Science Foundation are based in Northern Virginia. Tourism, and manufacturing of electrical equipment, food, textile, paper products, and chemicals, are among Virginia's other industries.

As of January 2009, the civilian workforce of Virginia reached more than 4.1 million people, of whom about 6% are unemployed. The major sectors in the non-farm labor market include Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (17%), Education & Health Services (12%), Government (18%), Professional & Business Services (18%), and Leisure & Hospitality (9%).

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