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Situated in the American west, the state of Utah occupies a total area of 84,898.83 square miles. The majority of Utah's 2.6 million people reside in the Wasatch Front area, around Salt Lake City. Women comprise 49.8% of the population, while 8.7% of the residents are over the age of 65. High school graduates make up 87.7% of the population above the age of 25, and 26.1% of them hold a bachelor’s degree.

Livestock and livestock products contribute the major portion of the state’s income from agriculture. Cattle, sheep, poultry and dairying products, together with major crops like corn, hay, wheat, and barley make up the agricultural produce of Utah. Mineral deposits also contribute to the economy. Copper, gold, magnesium, and molybdenum are among the chief metals produced in the state. The railroad construction industry has also been triggered by the availability of mineral resources in Utah.

Industrial growth in the state was spurred by the establishment of military bases and defense plants during World War II. The largest concentration of industrial firms in Utah is around Salt Lake City. The state is also a center for aerospace research. Missiles, spacecraft, electronic systems, and computer hardware and software are among the leading industrial products in Utah. Tourism is another thriving industry with the presence of several historical monuments, national parks, and world class ski resorts.

The civilian workforce of Utah, according to records published in January 2009, totaled 1.4 million people with an unemployment rate of 4.6%. The primary sectors in the non-farm labor market of Utah include Professional & Business Services (13%), Education & Health Services (12%), Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (19%), Manufacturing (9%), and Government (17%).

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