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The State of South Dakota is situated in the Midwestern part of the US. Encompassing a total area of 77,116.49 square miles, South Dakota has a population of 796,214 people. Female residents constitute 50.3% of the population while 14.2% of the same is comprised of people who are over the age of 65. Among the residents above 25 years of age, 84.6% are high school graduates, and 21.5% of them have a bachelor’s degree.

The mainstay of the economy of South Dakota continues to be agriculture, though it is no longer the leading employment sector. The main cash crops of the state include corn, oats, soybeans, wheat, flaxseed, sunflowers, sorghum, and barley. In fact, South Dakota is among the leading producers of flaxseed, sunflower seed, hay, and rye, in the nation. A large part of the land area is taken up by cattle and sheep ranches that provide an important source of income.

The economy of the state has diversified over the years to include manufacturing industries. The chief among them are electronics, food processing, and meat packing. With significant deposits of gold, the town of Lead is a major gold-mining center. The Mount Rushmore and Black Hills sites are important tourist attractions. Casinos and other gambling dens also contribute to the income of South Dakota.

The civilian workforce totalled 445.3 thousand people as per research conducted in January 2009. Of this labor force, about 4.4% are unemployed. Major sectors in South Dakota’s non-farm labor market include industries like Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (20%), Education & Health Services (15%), Manufacturing (9%), Government (18%), and Leisure & Hospitality (10%).

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