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The state of New Mexico is in the American southwest, and covers a total area of 8,721.30 square miles. New Mexico has the 3rd highest percentage of Native Americans, after Alaska and Oklahoma. The state is home to more than 8,685,920 residents.

As per the data of 2005, 12.2% of the population was above the age of 65 and 50% were women. Among the people who were above the age of 25, 78.9% were high school graduates and more than 23.5% held a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

Agriculture and cattle raising are important income-producing sectors that contribute to the state’s economy. There are many large ranches in the state which are used for grazing. The major crops produced are hay and sorghum grains. The state’s primary income is derived from its substantial mineral wealth. New Mexico is a leading producer of potash, salt, perlite, uranium ore, copper ore, natural gas, manganese ore, beryllium, and tin concentrates.

Some of the other developing industries in the state are food and mineral processing, production of chemicals, electrical equipment, and ordnance. High-technology manufacturing is also important. Several attractions in New Mexico, such as Santa Fe, have made it a thriving tourist spot. Tourism has become a major source of income for the state.

As of January 2009, the civilian workforce in New Mexico totaled approximately 957.9 thousand people, of which 5.1% were unemployed. Major sectors of New Mexico's non-farm labor market include Manufacturing ( 4.08%), Trade, Transportation and Utilities (16.9%), Professional and Business Services (12.75%), Leisure and Hospitality (10.38%), Education (13.89%), and Government (23.64%).

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