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The state of Nevada is located in the American west. Nevada is the 7th largest state in area, covering a total area of 110,560.71 square miles. Carson City is the capital of Nevada and the largest city is Las Vegas. Nevada is the 36th state to enter the union. It is home to more than 2.5 million residents with more than 85% of the population living in the urban areas of Las Vegas and Reno.

According to the 2005 estimates, 11.3% of the population was above the age of 65 and 49.1% were women. Among the citizens who have reached the age of 25 and above, 80.7% were high school graduates and 18.2% held a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

Cattle and sheep raising are important industries in Nevada particularly because the high plateau regions are excellent for grazing. Nevada is a mining hub and contributes greatly to the state’s economy. It is a leading producer of rich minerals like gold, silver, and mercury. Other important minerals include petroleum and diatomite. Manufacturing industries are also a great source of income for the state and include aerospace equipment, lawn and garden irrigation devices, gaming machines and products, and seismic monitoring equipment. Other significant manufacturing industries also include warehousing and trucking. Tourism is one of the major contributors to Nevada's economy. Gambling, convention and resort industries are clustered in Las Vegas and are significant income-producers.

As of January 2009, the civilian workforce reached about 1.4 million people, of which 9.4% were unemployed. The chief sectors of Nevada’s non-farm labor market include Manufacturing (3.75%), Trade, Transportation and Utilities (26.11%), Professional and Business Services (11.9%), Leisure and Hospitality (26.11%), Education (7.91%) and Government (13.24%).

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