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The state of Massachusetts is in the Northeast, New England region, and covers an area of 7,840 sq mi. In 2005, it had an estimated population figure of 6.4 million, making it quite a densely populated state with respect to its area.

According to the population estimates obtained in 2005, women made up 51.5 % of the total population, while 13.3 % were above 65 years of age. Approximately 33.2 % of the people in the state possess Bachelor’s degrees, while 84.8% of the population above 25 years of age has successfully completed a high school level of education.

Massachusetts has a history of being an industrially advanced state. The diverse manufacturing industries include electronic and electrical equipment, hi-tech instruments, plastics, paper products, machine tools, metal, and rubber products. Shipping, printing, and publishing are also significant industries. The jewelry industry in Massachusetts dates back to the time of the American Revolution. Agricultural products produced and exported by the state include cranberries, apples, milk and other dairy products. Commercial fishing is now on the decline due to strict aquatic life conservation laws. The small scale mining industries depend on lime, sand, gravel, clay and stone. The service industry, mostly centered on tourism, is also one of the small yet thriving industries of the state.

The data obtained from January 2009 research revealed that the civilian workforce in Massachusetts totaled 3,426.5 thousand people, of whom 7.4% were unemployed. The chief sectors of the non-farm labor market include Education & Health Services (20%), Professional & Business Services (14%), Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (17%), Government (13%), and Leisure & Hospitality (9%).

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