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Maine is the eastern most state in the United States and the largest of the six New England states, having 30,861 square miles. While it is the largest in land mass, it is 3rd in overall regional population and 40th in the nation with just over 1.3 M people. The state’s population is widely dispersed but about 10% is clustered in and around its 3 largest urban centers, Portland, on the south coast, Lewiston, in Androscoggin County, and Bangor, located in the center of the state. It has been ranked as the 16th most livable state and the 5th smartest state in the nation.

Per the Census Bureau, 14.6% is over 65 and women make up 51.4% of the state's population. Eighty five percent of the population over age 25 has earned a high school diploma and 25% have earned a Bachelor's degree.

Historically, Maine's economy has been supported by a number of industries including shipbuilding, textiles, paper, lumber and fishing. However, in recent decades, Maine has seen a shift in the importance of its traditional industries whereby textiles has all but left the state and the paper industry is dwindling in its role. Forestry and agriculture, predominantly the potato industry, continue to be critical to the state’s northern and western economies while service and tourism has become most important in the southern part of the state. Bath Iron Works, which builds ships for the US military, is the largest single-site employer in the state.

As of December 2008, the civilian workforce in Maine totaled about 710.0 thousand people, of which 7% were unemployed. Major sectors of Maine's non-farm labor market include Manufacturing ( 9%), Trade, Transportation and Utilities ( 20%), Professional and Business Services (9%), Leisure and Hospitality (9.7%), Education (20%) and Government (17%).

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