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Kentucky is situated in the East Central region of United States and is included among the Southern states of the nation. Kentucky is one of four states in the US constituted as a commonwealth. Kentucky covers a total area of 40,409.02 square miles and is the 37th largest state in terms of land area.

According to the 2005 estimates, Kentucky had a population of 4,173,405 residents. More than 12% of the population was above the age of 65. Of those over age 25, 74.1% held a high school diploma and 17.1% held a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

Kentucky is famous for its Bourbon whiskey and for the breeding of race horses. The state is the second largest producer of Tobacco, next only to North Carolina. Tobacco is the chief crop of Kentucky as well as an important farm product, followed by horses, mules, cattle, and corn. Some other important produce of the state include dairy goods, hay, and soybeans.

The chief manufactures of Kentucky include food products, electrical equipment, automobiles, nonelectrical machinery, chemicals, and apparel. Printing and publishing industries are important as well. Tourism has become a fast growing industry in the state. Kentucky also produces valuable minerals like stone, petroleum, and natural gas.

January 2009 data has the civilian workforce of Kentucky totalling about 2,068.5 thousand people, among which 8.7% were unemployed. The chief sectors of Kentucky's non-farm labor market include Manufacturing (12.14%), Trade, Transportation and Utilities (20.5%), Professional and Business Services (10.9%), Leisure and Hospitality (9.5%), Education (13.5%) and Government (17.7%).

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