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Bordered by New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, Connecticut is one of the six New England states. It occupies a total area of 5,543.33 square miles and has a population of 3,502,309 residents. A majority of Connecticut’s population is clustered in the Tri-State Region. It is the nation’s 4th most densely populated states.

According to the census data of 2005, women comprise 51.4% of the total population. Of the residents above the age of 25, 84% are high school graduates, and 31.4% have earned a bachelor’s degree. Connecticut has large Italian American, English American and Irish American communities.

The state has enormous disparities as far as personal income is concerned. The per capita income of Connecticut in 2006 was $50,762, the highest among the States of the US. One of the highest per capita incomes is in the town of New Canaan, while Hartford has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the nation.

Historically, Connecticut’s economy was dominated by industries like textiles, clocks and watches, silverware, and sewing machines. Currently, the principal industries are focused on manufacturing of computer equipment, jet engines and parts, helicopters, and electronics and electrical machinery. A great deal of the manufacturing is for the military. In fact, firearms, ammunition, and submarines are still built there.

Agriculture, though not one of the important industries, contributes to the economy through outputs like dairy products, eggs, tobacco, apples, vegetables, and mushrooms. Fishing and mining are the other small industries in Connecticut. However, real estate, financial, and service industries play a significant role in Connecticut’s economy.

The civilian labor force of Connecticut totaled 1,889.1 thousand people as per the January 2009 statistics. At this time, approximately 7.3% are unemployed. Major sectors of the state's non-farm labor market include Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (18%), Professional & Business Services (11%), Government (15%), Manufacturing (10%), and Financial Activities (8%).

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