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Located in the Southern region of the United States of America, the State of Alabama is bordered by Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico. It occupies a total area of 52,419.02 square miles has a population of 4,627,851. The population is located primarily in the metropolitan areas of Birmingham-Hoover, Mobile, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa.

Of the total population, 51.5% are female and 13.2% of the residents are above the age of 65. 75.3% of the people above the age of 25 are high school graduates with 19% of them holding a bachelor�s degree.

Agricultural outputs play a dominant role in the economy of Alabama. These include products like poultry, cattle, cotton, milk, vegetables, soybeans, and peaches. It is among the leading states in the production of cotton in the nation. Black Belt, the area including parts of Alabama and Mississippi, used to be the principal cotton-growing region. It is now, however, used predominantly for the raising of poultry and cattle.

Alabama has vast stretches of forest land which leads to the huge production of paper and pulp products. The state also has significant industrial outputs in terms of iron and steel products. Aerospace and electronic products, as well as automobiles, are produced there too. In fact, Alabama is currently ranked 4th in the US for its production of automobiles. The other major industries include oil and gas, minerals, electronics, chemicals, textiles, and processed food.

According to research conducted in 2008, the civilian workforce in Alabama totaled 2,160.2 thousand people. The largest non-farm sectors include Manufacturing (14%), Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (19%), Financial Activities (4%), Professional & Business Services (11%), Education & Health Services (10%), Government (18%), and Leisure & Hospitality (8%).

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