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Resume Writing and Career Marketing

By Michelle Dumas

Differentiate yourself during a job search using these careermarketing tips and strategies for the seasoned worker.

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The Art of Job Transition

By Kit Harrington Hayes

Explore the most effective process and structure to follow when executing a job change or career transition.

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Personal Finance Approaching Retirement

By Chuck Yanikoski

Explore the questions to be asking, and resources to consult, as you plan for your retirement.

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Finding Meaning and Purpose

By Karma Kitaj, PhD

Engage yourself in finding your life's purpose, or calling, the path to fulfillment in your next career step.

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Federal Job Search

By Diane Hudson Burns

Learn about the Federal application and resume requirements and how to navigate the Federal application process.

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Leveraging Your Military Background to Build Your Civilian Career

By Don Orlando

As a military veteran, learn how to manage powerful cultural differences to beat your job seeking competition.

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Building a Better Workforce

By Mary Lloyd

Optimize your bottom line by including older workers in your company's staffing plans.

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Exploring Franchising

By Mike Martuza

Learn about the franchise industry and how to determine whether a business opportunity is right for you.

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Home-Based Business Toolkit

By Amy Grossman

Consider the opportunities in self-employment and read about helpful tips when making this choice.

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Playing Hardball - Why Boomers aren't getting jobs

By Bob Weinstein

Explore the most effective process and structure to follow when executing a job change or career transition.

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Surefire Strategies for Midlife Job Seekers

By Mary Eileen Williams

Learn how to turn your age into an advantage during a job search so you can be the candidate of choice.

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Strategies to Build Self Confidence

By Kathleen Schulweis

Discover, or rediscover, your self-confidence in order to feel a sense of empowerment in your life and in your job search.

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