Veteran's Employment and Transition

This column is dedicated to providing mature military veterans with guidance on the job search process. It contains both general advice articles and pointers to web sites specific to the military community.

How to Start your Civilian Job Search
If you separated from the military more than 10 years ago, you probably missed going through the Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program. It was created in reaction to the major "down-sizing" of forces in the 1990s.

Research Companies before You Accept an Official Interview
In order to be best prepared for any interview, it helps to know which companies you want to work for, or at the least, which companies have the potential to hire you. If you know those two things you can begin to prepare yourself for a truly positive interview.

Military to Civilian Résumé: Part 1, Get Started!
When you leave military service and begin your job search, the first thing you must do is create a marketing tool to sell yourself to civilian industries. That tool is your résumé. It's the foundation on which you will build your search for that next job.

Military to Civilian Résumé: Part 2, Expand your Skills List
So far, you've compiled a chronological list of your transferable job skills derived from your military working history and your DD2586. It's OK if it contains military jargon. It's important here that you create your chronological list first, simply based on your history.

Military to Civilian Résumé: Part 3, Training and Achievements
A good résumé is not simply a history of your work experience. It must also show employers what you bring to them in terms of education, training and job-specific accomplishments or recognitions.