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New Hampshire is one of the six New England states located in the northeast part of the country. It ranks 44th in land area and covers a total area of 9,349.94 square miles. New Hampshire is a small state and ranks only 41st in terms of population with just over 1.3 million people. The state is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, the Canadian province of Quebec to the north, Maine to the east, and Vermont to the west.

Per the Census, women make up 50.7% of the state’s population, and 12.5% are above the age of 65. More than 87% of the population over the age of 25 has earned a high school diploma and over 28% hold a Bachelor’s degree.

Agriculture is predominant in New Hampshire and also the main contributor to the state’s economy. The other sources of income for New Hampshire include the dairy products, greenhouse products, cattle, apples, and eggs. Manufacturing industry has been important in New Hampshire since the late 1800s. Lumbering is also an important industry in the state. New Hampshire is also noted for its mineral production mainly that of sand, gravels, and stone. Tourism is a thriving industry and is one of the biggest contributors to the state’s economy. The beaches, mountains, and lakes make New Hampshire a naturally beautiful place.

As of January 2009, the civilian workforce in New Hampshire was approximately 739.8 thousand people, among which 5.1% were unemployed. The chief sectors of the non-farm labor market in New Hampshire are Manufacturing (11.18 %), Trade, Transportation and Utilities (22.16 %), Professional and Business Services (10.32%), Leisure and Hospitality (9.8%), Education (16.51%) and Government (14.9%).

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