Resume Tips for Seasoned Job Seekers

Strategic Resume Writing: Solutions For the Less-Than-Perfect Career History
Do you have a completely unblemished work history? Was writing your resume a breeze because you are perfectly qualified with a model career and educational background? Or, do you find yourself struggling to prepare your resume...struggling because of some glitch or problem in your background that you don't know quite how to overcome in your resume?

Avoiding Age Bias On Your Resume: 7 Top Resume Writing Do's and Don'ts
Are you a seasoned professional nearing retirement age but eager to continue working? Whether you simply WANT TO continue working because you find it personally rewarding, or whether you HAVE TO continue working for financial reasons, finding yourself suddenly thrust into the job market can be scary.

Resume Basics: Chronological or Functional Style?
As you begin your job search process, one of the most important tasks you will do is to prepare a resume. The resume is a key marketing tool and should be prepared with great thought and care. This is the document that will first introduce you and your credentials to potential employers and, ultimately, to your next employer.

Military to Civilian Résumé: Part 1, Get Started!
When you leave military service and begin your job search, the first thing you must do is create a marketing tool to sell yourself to civilian industries. That tool is your résumé. It's the foundation on which you will build your search for that next job.

Military to Civilian Résumé: Part 2, Expand your Skills List
So far, you've compiled a chronological list of your transferable job skills derived from your military working history and your DD2586. It's OK if it contains military jargon. It's important here that you create your chronological list first, simply based on your history.

Military to Civilian Résumé: Part 3, Training and Achievements
A good résumé is not simply a history of your work experience. It must also show employers what you bring to them in terms of education, training and job-specific accomplishments or recognitions.

7 Secrets to Search-Optimize Your Resume Web Page
Many recruiters feel overwhelmed with unqualified resumes submitted for their job postings. They are reacting by focusing on searching for good (i.e. "qualified") resumes rather than sifting through stacks of unqualified ones. Recruiters DO use Web search engines to find resumes, so your resume Web page should be designed with the search engines in mind.

A Small Investment in your Resume could Pay Off
Most of us have difficulty chronicling the last two weeks, never mind the last 20 or 30 years of our work history. What did I do 10 years ago? What part of that job qualifies me for the job I want now?