General Resources - Employment Past 50

When managing a job search, a job seeker can encounter any number of questions about where to find something...a career coach, a government resource, networking ideas, to name a few. This section of the web site will provide ideas and direction on where to find different types of job search resources.


How much is enough? Understanding Internet Speed and What You Need to Get the Job Done
With so many options for Internet speed, sometimes it can be difficult to determine how much is enough and how much is more than you'll ever need in a lifetime.

Taking Risks
In January I was selected by CBS News The Early Show to be one of four job seekers featured in a series focused on job hunting in our very troubled economy. Last week The Early Show told my story of the "older" worker along with that of the other three.

How to Start your Civilian Job Search
If you separated from the military more than 10 years ago, you probably missed going through the Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program. It was created in reaction to the major "down-sizing" of forces in the 1990s.

Working for the Health of It
Is working good for your health? If Mick Jaggar can rock well into his 60s, then there must be something good with staying on the job.

Associations provide Networking and Career Connections
Just about every profession or trade has an association of practicing members, or so it seems. That could be a slight exaggeration but there are thousands of associations, each exists to advocate for a specific profession or trade.

Handling Age Discrimination in Your Job Search
Recently several job seekers over 40 have written to us with the complaint that they feel they have lost out on job opportunities because of their age. In many cases, they may be correct.

The Workplace Is Going Grey
A popular perception in the workplace has always been that employers were all too eager to offer early retirement packages to encourage older workers to step aside because of their salary and benefit costs to the company. That perception may be on the way out, as the greying of the baby-boomer generation is poised to leave American companies short-handed.

Boomers: You Need to Rethink Seeking Full Time Jobs With Gen Xers
In my coaching practice, I often hear complaints from job seekers over 50 regarding not being considered for a full-time position by a Gen Xer. Here I provide my observations as well as six important steps you can take to find work with the Gen Xers.