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Interested in recruiting older, experienced, wiser workers for your organization? Get in touch with the over-50 job seeker community here at We believe that this segment of the workforce has unique needs regarding employment and have tailored the content of the web site to meet those needs. For this reason, we have thousands of visitors each day browsing jobs and employment related content.

While the majority of our visitors are baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964, we are proud to also serve the traditionalist generation as well, born before 1946. Much has been reported about these generations of workers regarding their loyalty and tendency to stay with a single company, personal pride in a job well done, and the value of their skills and talents accumulated over decades of work.

Does it make sense to reach out to them? Absolutely! It can be said that recruiting and growing the right people for the right jobs is the ticket to achieving a competitive advantage in any industry. Well, many of these "right people" are boomers and beyond and are looking for an opportunity to contribute to the success of your organization.

Why include job advertising on in your recruitment strategy? We can give you two important reasons. You will immediately reach a considerable audience by posting your job with us and the cost to post is very reasonable. Standard Terms of Use

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What types of jobs can be submitted to
What type of employer can benefit from advertising on
How does an employer submit a job posting?
How long does it take for a new posting to be displayed on
Can employers search resumes on
How is payment made on

Q: What types of jobs can be submitted to does not specify a sector or industry or discipline. We will NOT accept postings for Multi-Level Marketing, Networking, or positions requiring job seekers to pay a fee to apply or get started. Postings that suggest such positions will be deleted.

Q: What type of employer can benefit from advertising on is geared to nearly all professions and levels of experience. Employers using the service range from Fortune 100 corporations to small home-based businesses and everything in between. The only requirement is that the employer is seriously interested in reaching and hiring an older worker. Employers are not required to hire an over-50 candidate but, by virtue of their advertising on, they are clearly indicating their interest in reaching this segment of the population.

Q: How does an employer submit a job posting?

The posting process is quick and easy. Begin the 3 step process by following the Post a Job link to the Posting Form. Then follow the simple steps.

Q: How long does it take for a new posting to be displayed on

Advertising on is nearly instantaneous from the time the employer submits the job posting.

Q: Can employers search resumes on

No. Resume search is not available.

Q: How is payment made on

When posting a job on, there is a 3 step process to follow, beginning with the posting form. Step 3 is payment and that will take the employer over to where secure payment will be supplied to complete the process.